Medical Checkup

Medical Checkup Program

We offer Comprehensive medical examination and brain checkup plans while your stay at the 5-star hotel “THE PENINSULA TOKYO”, as well as specialized day checkups. Equipped with MRI and CT manufactured by GE, introduction of DWIBS examination, and we provide hospitality and top-class service only available in a 5-star hotel. Our specialist will consult and explain for the results which makes a smooth transition to refer you to a partner university hospital for additional examinations and treatments in the unlikely event of discovering an abnormality. Our experienced staff will take care of your health.

Basic Comprehensive medical examination

We offer a total of four courses including three courses of Premium examination, Executive examination, President examination as well as brain, heart and blood vessel checkups that specialize in the risk of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

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Optional examination

Special bodily fluid tests (including Liquid Biopsy) are available as an option within the Comprehensive medical examination. The contents are as follows.

1. Examination for lifestyle-related diseases

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2. Examination for aging

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3. Cancer tests

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See below for more information on the examination pricing.